How to import item quantity counts into Inventory Management Physical Count Entry in Sage 100


How to import item quantity counts into Inventory Management, Physical Count Entry for Sage 100 ERP


  1. Freeze Items by running the Physical Count Worksheet

    • Open Inventory Management, Physical Count menu, Physical Count Worksheet

    • This process will create records in the table IM_Physical.m4t with Quantity Counted set to 0

    • The import job will modify the Quantity Counted field for these existing records

    • Note: It is not necessary to freeze items first, but if items are not first frozen prior to the count, then the import process will cause items will be frozen at the time of import. (this may lead to inaccurate variances).

  2. Create an import job into the table IM_Physical

    • Open Visual Integrator, Main menu, Import Job Maintenance

    • For Job Name, enter a new job name

    • For Table Name, select IM_Physical

    • Select the following fields on the Data tab

      • WarehouseCode

      • ItemCode

      • BinLocation

        • Set Operation to Assign and leave the Default field blank if Item Code does not have a Bin Location

      • LotSerialNo

        • Set Operation to Assign and leave the Default field blank if Item Code is not a Lot or Serial valued item

      • QuantityCounted

    • After running the import, run and update the Physical Count Variance Register


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.