How to Export General Ledger Data in Sage 300 G/L Consolidations


  1. Open General Ledger > G/L Consolidations > Export.
    • Note: Only one user at a time can use the G/L Consol Export screen.
  2. Specify a process ID to use for the export. For information about creating a process ID, see “Creating a Process ID to Specify General Ledger Data for Export” (page 24).
  3. Click the Browse button beside the Export Folder field to select the folder you created for the exported files.
  4. If you selected Allow Runtime Edit when setting up the export process you are using, you can clear any of the options selected in the Export Data Selection area.
  5. If the export method is balances, net changes, or transactions by fiscal period, you can change the year and period.
  6. Click Export.