How to enter taxes manually for a detail line on Sage 300 Order Entry


  1.  Open Order Entry > O/E Transactions.
  2. Open Order Entry, Shipment Entry, or Invoice Entry.
  3. On the Detail table, select the detail line for which you want to adjust taxes, and then click the Item/Tax button.  The O/E Items/Taxes screen appears.
  4. On the tax table at the bottom of the screen, in the Tax Base and Tax Amount columns, enter the tax base and tax amount you have calculated for the detail line.
    • Important! After entering the tax base and tax amount for all detail lines, ensure that the sum of the taxes for the details equals the total tax amount you entered in the Tax Amount column on the Taxes tab of the O/E Order Entry screen.
  5. Review remaining information and details, and then post the document.