How to Enter Shipments with Multiple Packages in Shipping Data Entry in Sage 100


How to enter shipments with multiple packages in Shipping Data Entry


Assign items to several packages:

  1. Open Sales Order, Shipping, Shipping Data Entry
  2. Enter the Shipper ID and select an order number
    • Note: In the Secondary Grid, the Current Package field is set to 0001
  3. Highlight a line item. All quantities shipped will be placed in package 1
  4. To ship items in another package, click the # button to obtain the next package number. Note that the current package is 0002. All items shipped will be in package 0002.

To maintain or edit items in several packages:

  1. In the upper right corner, click the Item Packaging icon
  2. Select the package lookup. 
    • Note: Click the flashlight lookup button. A list of all the items and quantities in the package displays
  3. After the necessary changes are made, click the Accept button. 
  4. In the Shipping Data Entry window, click the Accept button to save the shipment.


  • Making changes to package or quantity shipped in Item Package Maintenance from the drill down affects only Additional Packaging List printing and does no update the Shipping Data Entry information.
  • If a sales order is created in Sales Order Entry and all items ship in Shipping Data Entry, but separate packages are created any quantity can be entered into each package despite what quantity was actually ordered. The extra items are only visible on the packaging slips and not on the invoices. In Accounts Receivable Invoice History Inquiry, the tracking packaging slips and not on the invoices. In Accounts Receivable Invoice History Inquiry, the tracking button on the Main tab displays the different packages, and you can drill down on the package to view the items and quantity. Inventory is only relieved by the amount on the original sales order and not he quantity entered in shipping data entry within the package selection. 
  • If you create an extra package or packages that you don’t need, extra packages can be deleted by going to the shipping tab, in Shipping Data Entry and clicking on the Tracking button which opens Summary Package Tracking. From there you can select on the pkg number/s that you want to delete and then hit, Delete Row button on the right hand side. Then click OK to exit. If you do not do this than your packing slip will reflect an incorrect “Total Number of Packages” for the shipment.