How to Enter Employee Timecards in Sage 300

To Enter an Employee Timecard:

Disclaimer: Sage 300 user and security settings must be set up for you to enter timecards.

  • Open US Payroll Employee Timecards or Canadian Payroll Employee Timecards
  • In the Employee field, enter your employee number.

  • Enter information in the other fields at the top of the screen.

  • If you use Sage 300 Project and Job Costing and you want to enter job-related information for the earning/expense, select the Job-Related option to display additional job-related fields.

  • Edit the information in the detail table, if necessary.

    • Note: In the Earning/Expense/Accrual field, you can select only codes that are set for the employee as Available in Employee Timecards on the Pay tab of the Payroll Employees screen (in the Sage 300 Desktop).

If you use Optional Fields:

  • To include optional fields for the whole timecard, select fields on the Optional Fields tab.

  • To include optional fields for a specific earning/deduction or tax, click the Use Optional Fields column to open the Optional Fields screen.

  • Click Save.


If you are authorized, you can print a copy of the timecard by clicking Print. You can also print the timecard later using the Employee Timecards report (in the Sage 300 Desktop).

Verify the status of the timecard (for example, if the timecard is completed, change the status to Ready for Approval).