How to enter a quote on Sage 300 Order Entry


  1. Open Order Entry > O/E Transactions > Order Entry.
    • Note: If the O/E Order Entry screen is already open on an existing order, you can create a
      new order by clicking the New button to the right of the Order No. field.
  2. Enter the order number to use for the quote, or accept *** NEW *** to have Order Entry assign the next available number when you post the quote.
  3. Enter the customer number in one of the following ways:
    • Enter the number, and then press Tab.
    • Use the Finder to select the number.
      • You can also create a new customer, look up customer information, and edit bill-to information for the customer.
      • Using the buttons to the right of the Customer No. field, you can:
        • Create a new customer. Click the New button to create a new customer on the A/R Customers screen. When you finish, the new customer number appears in the Customer No. field.
        • Check the customer’s credit. Click the Pre Credit Check button to check the
          customer’s credit status before entering a transaction.
        • Edit the customer’s billing address. Click the Zoom button to view and edit the
          customer’s billing address for the current transaction. (Any changes you make apply to the current transaction only, and are not saved to the customer record.)
        • Look up information about the customer. Click the Inquiry button to open the A/R
          Customer Inquiry screen to look up information about the customer.
  4. On the Order Type list, select Quote. The Expiration Date field appears and displays the default expiration date based on the default number of days specified on the O/E Options screen.
  5. Enter the expiration date.
    • Note:
      • If you selected the Clear Expired Quotes option and specified a number of days on
        the O/E Options screen, Order Entry deletes the expired quote from the system the
        next time you run Day End Processing after the specified delay.
      • If you do not select the Clear Expired Quotes option on the O/E Options screen,
        expired quotes are not deleted.
      • If you do not change the quote to an order before the expiration date, Order Entry
        automatically removes the quote when you run Day End Processing.
  6. Enter remaining information for the quote, including items and charges to be included. For
    more information about entering information and details, see “Entering an Order ” (page 109). For more information about specific fields and controls on the O/E Order Entry screen, see “O/E Order Entry Screen” (page 404).
  7. Click Post.