How to Edit Optional Fields for a Receipt in Accounts Receivable for Sage 300

To check or to change the optional fields and values for a receipt:

  1. On the A/R Receipt Entry screen, click the Zoom button beside the Optional Fields option.
    An Optional Fields screen appears, displaying any optional fields that are marked for automatic insertion on new receipts.
  2. Use this Optional Fields screen to add or delete optional fields for the receipt document. You can add any optional fields that are defined for receipts.
    You can change the default value that appears for an optional field, as follows:
    • If the optional field is validated, you must specify a value that is defined for the optional field in Common Services.
      Note: If the optional field allows blanks, you can leave the value field blank.
    • If the optional field is not validated, you can enter any value that is consistent with the type of field (such as yes/no, text, number, date, or amount), providing the value you enter does not exceed the length permitted for the field. You can also leave the field blank.
      Note: When you specify a value that is defined in Common Services, the description for the value is also displayed.