How to edit budget data on Sage 300 General Ledger


  1. Open General Ledger > G/L Accounts > Budget Maintenance.
  2. In the Account field, select the account for which you are entering budget information.
  3. Display the budget set you want to edit.
    1. In the Budget Set field, select the budget set you want to add or edit.
    2. In the Year field, select the fiscal year for the budget.
    3. If you are editing budget data for a multicurrency account, specify the currency and currency type you want to view and edit.
      • Example: Your functional currency is US dollars. You want to view figures in Canadian dollars, but enter amounts in US dollars. You select CAD as the currency and select Equivalent as the currency type. You can then enter US dollar amounts in the Budget Amount column, and view their equivalents in Canadian dollars in the Inquiry Amount column.
    4. Click the Go button.
  4. Enter data for each period in the budget set.  You can:
    • Click in the Budget Amount column to enter amounts manually for each fiscal period.
    • Use one of the methods in the Budget Method section to enter calculated budget data.
    • For more information about each method, see “Budget Methods” (page 58).
    • Use the following buttons in conjunction with the budget method to produce the results you want:
      • Click the Add To button to add the amounts you are copying or calculating to
        amounts already in the Budget Amount column.
      • Click the Replace button to replace the amounts in the Budget Amount column with amounts you are copying or calculating.
        • Tips:
          • Click the Clear button to remove figures entered previously on the screen.
          • Click the Delete button to remove the budget record completely. (This action will free up disk space.)
          • Use the Fiscal Set Lookup section to look up current or previous-year actual or budget figures from any account. When you click the Go button beside the Fiscal Set Lookup fields, the Inquiry Amount column displays amounts from your inquiry that can help you prepare the budget for the account you are working with.
          • You can also inquire on an account’s rolled up amounts. Select the Use Rolled Up Amounts option, and then click the Go button to see rolled up budget figures. Budgets for the member accounts are rolled into the rollup account for inquiry purposes.
          • If you have security authorization for the rollup account, you automatically have access to member accounts.
  5. When you are satisfied with the budget data, click Add or Save. You can continue to manipulate the amounts in the Budget Amount fields using various budget methods, or by manually changing the amounts.
  6. When you are satisfied with the result, click Add or Save.