How to edit and print the Certified Payroll Report in Sage 100


How to edit and print the Certified Payroll Report in Sage 100 ERP


Use Certified Payroll Report Setup to edit the Statement of Compliance:

  1. Open TimeCard, Setup, TimeCard TimeClock.
  2. Click the Certified Rpt1 tab.
  3. Click Edit Report button.
  4. Make desired changes, and click Ok button to exit the Certified Payroll Report Setup window.
  5. Click Accept button.

To print the Certified Payroll Report:

  1. Open Time Card, Reports, Certified Payroll Report
  2. Select applicable report printing options:
    • Employee Social Security #: Last 4 digits, Yes or No
    • Print Employee Address: Yes or No
    • Job Number selection
  3. Click Print or Preview


  • The Pay Period Ending date entered in the Payroll Pay Cycle window is used to generate the Certified Payroll Report.
  • The Certified Payroll Report can be run after payroll tax calculation is run and checks are printed, but BEFORE the Payroll Check Register is updated. Job numbers are separated by page breaks.
  • Use Certified Payroll Report for submission to governmental agencies. Job numbers and labor codes can be flagged as participating in certified payroll reporting. This report uses data from the TimeCard and Payroll modules to produce a daily breakdown of hours, pay, and deductions for a job, and an optional Statement of Compliance.
  • Editing the Statement of Compliance is similar to writing a standard memo, but you can embed codes that will be filled in automatically during printing with the appropriate values. See Additional Information below for the Certified Payroll Report Setup Codes
  • Only Pay Rate 1 displays on the Certified Payroll Report, however if multiple rates are used the totals will be correct on the Certified Payroll Report but by design it will only display Pay Rate 1
  • Use Payroll Labor Code Maintenance to exclude labor codes from Certified Payroll Report; any labor code that is not specifically excluded will be listed on the report. When the Labor Code Listing is printed in Labor Code Maintenance, the Exclude From Certified Payroll Report message prints for those labor codes set up to be excluded.