How to Depreciate Assets?


  • How to run Depreciation
  • How to run depreciation on assets
  • Force Recalculation
  • Force Recalculate
  • How to change the current through date
  • How to calculate depreciation
  • How to set the Current through date
  • How to depreciate assets
  • Depreciation
  • Recalculate
  • Undo


In Sage Fixed Assets:

  1. Go to: DepreciationDepreciate to depreciate assets. Alternatively: In Asset Task list: Click Calculate Depreciation.
  2. It is recommended to always depreciate the All Completed Assets group.
  3. If there is a need for special sorting or selection criteria, the Depreciation Expense Report can be ran on any group from ReportsDepreciation Expense after running depreciation.

The Force Recalculate Option: Will recalculate depreciation on the selected group of assets which have already been calculated through the given date. Which will result in the Depreciation This run amount to be equal to the total amount of depreciation taken since the Placed In ServiceBeginning Date, or Period Close date in each asset.

Generally, this box will be selected only if the Fiscal Year End has changed or a Short Year was added to the Company, the 168 Allowance Switchwas ran to apply\undo the 168 allowance to assets, or the MARCS Convention Switch was use to Apply\Remove the Mid-quarter Convention.