How to Delete a Released Work Order in Sage 100


How to delete a released work order. 


A released work order can not be deleted. The work order will need to be closed and re-entered. To do so, perform the following:

  1. Modules, Work Order, Main, Work Order Transaction Entry.
  2. Select Next Transaction No., and select Close Work Order from the Type list.
  3. In the Transaction Date field, enter the correct transaction date.
  4. Lines, and select the released work order from the Work Order No. list.
  5. Select OK and Accept.
  6. Print or preview the register, and update.
  7. Note: If materials have been issued to this work order, those components have to be adjusted back into inventory using Inventory Transaction Entry. Verify if material has been issued in Work Order, Inquiries, Work Order Inquiry. Select the work order number, click on the Materials tab and review quantities in the Issued column.