How to define account reallocations on Sage 300 General Ledger


  1. Open General Ledger > G/L Accounts > Accounts.
  2. In the Account field, select the account from which you want to allocate amounts automatically.
  3. On the Detail tab, select Auto Allocation, if it is not already selected. When you select the allocation option, the Allocation tab becomes available.
  4. On the Allocation tab, enter reallocation details as follows:
    1. In the Source Code field, select the source code to use for the allocation transactions.
    2. In the Allocate By field, specify how to reallocate amounts:
      • Account Balance. This selection distributes the balance in the account to the target accounts based on the percentages that you specify on the Allocation tab. (For example, you could distribute 25% of the balance to each of four accounts.)  This choice distributes balances only, and does not distribute quantities.
      • Account Quantities. This selection distributes the net quantity in an account to the target accounts according to the percentages that you specify. It then distributes
        the account balance to the target accounts based on the quantities that were
        • Important! All accounts must maintain quantities, and they must use the same unit of measure.
    3. List the accounts to which you are allocating balances, together with the reference, description, and percent of the account balance or quantity that you want to assign to each transaction detail.
      • Note: The total percent allocated must be 100%.
  5. When you have finished defining the reallocations, click Save.