How to Customize Your Gantt Chart View in Zoho Projects

Gantt charts provide an elegant visual guide to your team’s progress on projects and tasks, and helps to ensure that you aren’t overworking or under-utilizing your talent. Learn how to customize your Gantt chart in Zoho Projects with our visual knowledgebase article.

    1. First log into Zoho Projects
    2. Click on “Projects” in the left sidebar
    3. Select a project.
    4. Click on “Gantt & Reports” in the top navbar
    5. Note how there are two sides to the Gantt Chart view. You can adjust the amount of space allocated to each side by moving the Resizer between the two sides.
    6. The left side of the Gantt Chart view shows a list of all your tasks, along with the Start and End Date.
    7. The right side shows the Gantt Chart.

How to Update the Left Side of the Gantt Chart

  1. Before we start editing the Gantt charts, let’s explore the basic features of the left side of the Gantt chart
  2. Along the top of the table, we have the following table headers:
    1. Title
    2. % Complete
    3. Owner
    4. Status
    5. Duration
    6. Start Date
    7. End Date
    8. Time of Completion
    9. Priority
    10. Tags
    11. Billing Type
  3. Then, to change the width of a column, drag and drop the Resizer icon between two columns.
  4. Next, in order to edit a task, click on a task name. A view will pop up, and you can edit the task without leaving the current page. This is the pop up window to edit a task:
  5.  Next, on the main Gantt & Reports tab, if you hover over the task name, you can see various options:
    1.  The “Information” icon provides details about the project
    2. Dependencies
      1. You can click and drag the “Dependency” icon of one task to another to produce subtasks, or you can click and drag the “Dependency” icon to move a task.
      2. To make one task into a subtask, click and drag the “Dependency” icon of one task to another task.
      3. To reorder a task, click and drag the “Dependency” icon of the task to a space between two tasks.
  6. Gantt Charts provide a quick and easy way to update multiple tasks in a single interface. You can update the owner, status, duration, start date, due date, and priority of a task by clicking the drop down arrow beside each section
    1. Updating the Owner
    2.  Updating the status
    3. Updating the Start/End date for the project

How to Update the Right Side of the Gantt Chart

  1. Drag and drop the ends of the bars of the Gantt chart to change the start and end date of each task.
  2.  You can click on any of the Gantt chart bars directly to drill down into a task’s details