How to Customize Fields and Controls for a Web Screen on Sage 300


  1. Open a web screen that supports customization.
  2. Click Options > Customize.
  3. In the Customization ID field, enter an ID for the customized screen.  You can create multiple different customized versions of a single screen. Each customized version of a screen must have a distinct Customization ID.
  4. In the Customization Description field, enter a description for the customized screen.  
  5. In the UI Profiles field, specify one or more UI profiles. Only users who are assigned to the specified UI profiles will see the customized screen. You can leave this field blank and specify UI profiles later.  If there are multiple customized versions of a screen, you can specify different UI profiles for each, allowing you to customize a screen differently for each UI profile, or use the same customized screen for multiple UI profiles.
    • Tip: Click the UI Profiles menu to open a partial version of the UI Profiles screen, which you can use to create a new UI profile, or to review and change the list of users assigned to an existing UI profile. Other features of the full UI Profiles screen (such as the Reports tab) are not available.
  6. To show or hide a field or control, select or clear the check box for that field or control.
  7. To change the label for a field or control, enter the new label text in the Text column.
  8. Click Save.