How to credit an invoice that no longer exists in Purchase Orders Sage 300


  1.  Open Purchase Orders > P/O Transactions > Credit/Debit Note Entry.  For information on the fields on the Credit/Debit Note Entry screen, see “P/O Credit/Debit Note
    Entry Screen” (page 399).
  2. In the Document Number field, enter the credit note number (issued by the vendor), and then press the Tab key.
  3. In the Vendor Number field, type the vendor number or use the Finder to select it.
  4. Accept Credit Note as the document type, and then fill in general (header) information for the credit note on the Credit Note tab, as follows:
    1. In the From Document field, select Invoice.
    2. In the Invoice Number field, type the number of the invoice you are crediting. If you do
      not know the number, leave the field blank.
      • Note: If the invoice still exists in Accounts Payable, you must use the correct invoice
        number to properly credit the invoice.
    3. In the Credit Note Date field, enter or select the date for the credit note.
    4. In the Posting Date field, enter or select the date to which the credit note should be
      posted in the general ledger. (The posting date you enter determines the entry in the
      adjacent year/period field.)
    5. In the Credit Note Total field, enter the total amount of the credit note.
    6. If the original invoice was job-related, select the Job Related option.
    7. Enter a description and an optional reference for the credit note.
  5. Tab into the detail entry table or click the table, and then enter credit note details, as follows:
    • Tip: You may have to press the Insert key to start a new line.
      1. Double-click the Item Number field, and then type an item number or a miscellaneous charge code. (If this is a job-related credit note, you have to enter the contract and job information before you can choose the item.) You can also click the Item Number column heading to look up item numbers.
        • Note: If you are using a scanner, click in the Item Number field before scanning the bar code.
      2. Use the tab key to move through the columns on the screen. Or, you can click the
        Item/Tax… button or press F9 to display an entry screen for adding items.
  6. Use the remaining tabs, as necessary, to complete the information for the credit note.
    • To add optional field information to this credit note, click the Optional Fields tab.
    • To change currency exchange rates in a multicurrency system, click the Rates tab.
    • To check the totals for the credit note, or to add an extended comment, click the Totals
  7. When you have finished, click Post to post the credit note.