How to Create and Edit a Project in Zoho Projects

What are Projects?

Projects are the highest level at which you can organize your tasks in Zoho Projects. You can assign specific projects to certain teams and departments, and keep your tasks organized with projects.

Let’s learn how to create a new project in Zoho Projects, as well as how to edit a project in Zoho Projects.

How to Create a Project in Zoho Projects

Before adding tasks to Zoho Projects, you will need to add at least one project to your company. Here is a step-by-step tutorial for how to add a project to Zoho Projects so you can begin organizing and adding your tasks.
  1. Log into Zoho Projects under the account you wish to use.
  2. In the left sidebar, click on “Projects”.
  3.  In the top right corner, click on “New Project”.
  4. Next, fill out your project details:
    1. Project Title
    2. Owner
      1. The owner or manager of the project
    3. Template (Optional)
      1. Choose from a template that you built.
    4. Start and End Date (Optional)
      1. If you would like project tasks to only begin and end within the start and end date, check off the “Make this a strict project” box. If this box is checked, tasks with date ranges outside of the start and end date of the project cannot be added to the project.
    5. Project Overview (Recommended)
      1. Enter project details.
      2.  To add an image to your project details, select the dropdown arrow for more options, and select the “Image” icon.
      3. To expand the Project Overview box, select the “Expand” icon in the top right corner of the box.
    6. Task Layout (Defaults to Standard)
      1. The Event and Demo layout add new required fields that are associated with events and demos. For example, if the “Events” layout is selected, when an employee enters the task details, a mandatory “Venue Size” field will appear. We recommend leaving this setting to the default “Standard” layout.
    7. Group Name
      1. Select the group that you wish to assign the project to.
    8. Tags
      1. Enter any tags you’d like.
      2. Here are some recommended ways to use tags:
        1. Adding the name of the client who requested the project.
        2. Adding the names of the department(s) who are involved with the project.
    9. Budget
    10. Billing Method
    11. Roll-Up (Optional)
      1. Recommended to leave this unchecked.
    12. Customize Tabs for This Project
      1. Choose which tabs you’d like to show for a particular project.
      2.  We recommend leaving this as the default.
    13. Project Access
      1. Choose “Private” if you only wish to use the project internally.
      2. Choose “Public” if you want to create portals. Portal users have Read but not Write access.
  5. Finally, click the “Add” button to add your new project.

How to Edit a Project in Zoho Projects

Editing a project in Zoho Projects is very straightforward. Here is a quick tutorial on how to edit a project in Zoho Projects:
  1. To edit a project, go to the Setting icon to the left of the project.
  2. Finally, click on “Edit Project.”
  3. Make your desired edits and make sure to save your work when you are finished!
    edit project button