How to create an allocation batch on Sage 300 General Ledger


  1. Open General Ledger > G/L Periodic Processing > Create Allocation Batch.
  2. In the Batch Description field, enter a brief description for the batch using up to 60 characters.
  3. In the Create Batch For field, specify whether to use the full account number or one of the account segments to select accounts from which to reallocate balances.
  4. Use the From and To fields to specify the range of account numbers or account number segments.
  5. If you use optional fields, check or change the optional field information that will be included with the generated transactions.  The Optional Fields check box indicates whether your accounts use one or more transaction optional fields. You cannot directly change the entry in the check box, but if the field is selected, you can edit the optional fields used with the transaction.  Click the Zoom button beside the Optional Fields label, or press the SHIFT+F9 key.  You can edit or delete the optional fields on the Optional Fields screen that appears.  If any transaction details optional fields were set up as Required, they are automatically inserted, and they must be included with the transaction.
    • Note: The allocation details will include only the transaction details optional fields that are assigned to the account used in the detail.
  6. Specify the journal entry date and the fiscal year and period to which to post each entry.
  7. In the Allocation Method field, specify whether to allocate account balances, quantities, or both the balances and the quantities.  If you allocate account quantities, also specify the range of fiscal periods for determining the net changes in quantity.
  8. Click Process to generate the batch.