How to create a new column Field Description in Positive Pay in Sage 100


How to create a new column or Field Description in Positive Pay Export Wizard in the Bank Reconciliation module for Sage 100 ERP if one does not already exist


A Positive Pay Export Setting may not have all the field information needed. A bank may require additional data.


  1. Open Bank Reconciliation, Main, Positive Pay Export
  2. Follow the steps of the Positive Pay Export Wizard to create a new setting or modify a template
    (Note: See the Related Resources section of this document.)
  3. In the grid entry area where Field Descriptions are listed
  4. To create a new Field Description (rather than select one from the drop down list), begin typing in a new description in the blank field
  5. Fill out the remaining row column information, such as Start, End, Length, etc…


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.