How to Create a List of Customers for a Marketing Campaign in Accounts Receivable for Sage 300

Before You Start

  • Determine the criteria that are relevant for your own marketing campaign or promotion, which will depend on the objective of your campaign, your target market, and the optional fields and other data that you keep for your customers.

To create a list of customers for a marketing campaign:

  1. Open Accounts Receivable > A/R Customers > Customer List.
  2. In the Customer Range area, use the Select By fields to specify ranges of territories, salespersons, and customer groups that you want to include on the list, as follows:
    • In the first Select By field, select Territory.
    • In the From field, type or select the first territory in the range of territories that you want to include on the list.
    • In the To field, type or select the last territory in the range of territories. If your campaign focus is on one territory, type the same territory code that you used in the From field.
    • Repeat steps a, b, and c for Salespersons and for Customer Groups.
      If you create the report for more than one salesperson, the information for each customer will print on multiple lines.
      Tip: If you would find it more useful to select customers by other criteria, such as the customer group or account set, specify Customer Group or Account Set instead of—or in addition to—the suggested criteria. The generated report will include columns of information for all the criteria you select, in the order you specify them.
  3. To print the name, telephone number, and e-mail addresses for customer contacts, select the Contact Information option.
    Contact information appears in a separate line on the report for each customer.
  4. Click Process to generate and display the list.
  5. Check the preview list to ensure that the results are what you expected.
  6. Click Print to send the report to your usual print destination.
  7. Click Close to return to the A/R Customer List screen