How to Create a Batch of Recurring Entries in Sage 300 General Ledger


  1. Open General Ledger > G/L Periodic Processing > Create Recurring Entries Batch.
  2. In the Run Date field, enter that date to determine which recurring entries are due to be processed. It includes all entries up to the date specified.
  3. Use the From Recurring Entry Code and To Recurring Entry Code fields to specify range of codes for which to process recurring entries.
    • Tip: To process a single recurring entry code, enter the same code in both fields.
  4. In the Method field, specify how to create the batch:
    • Default. If you select this method, the batch will be appended to an open batch if both batches have the same run date; otherwise, a new batch is created.
    • Create a New Batch. If you select this method, a new batch is created.
    • Add to an Existing Batch. If you select this method, you use the adjacent field that appears to specify an existing open batch to which to add this batch. (The run date for the existing batch can be different than the batch you are creating.)
  5. Click Process.
    • Note: Any transactions details optional fields and values specified for the recurring entry code will be used in the resulting transaction details.