How to copy a company in Sage Fixed Assets?


  • How to make a copy of a company?
  • How to copy a company?
  • How to create a company?
  • How to copy a company to another database?
  • How to copy company?


Warning: In the Sybase version of the program, Depreciation Network, if the company being copied is larger than 5,000 assets, it is recommended to copy the company into a new database.
In Sage Fixed Assets:

  1. Go to: File, Company Utilities, Copy Company.
  2. In the From box: Select the company to be copied.
  3. In the To box: Choose the database for the company to be copied into.
  4. Click Copy.

NOTE: During the Copy Company process, there may be periods were the system will pause for a length of time during which the operating system may show it as Not Responding. This does not mean the process has stopped or frozen. Allow the process to continue until it is finished. The process will generate an error if there is an issue. Please do not End Task on the process.

NOTE: If you copy the company to the same database, you will be asked to enter the New Company Name. Enter the new name, then click Rename.

NOTE: For larger companies, it may be preferable to just backup the company and then restore it. This process can also be used instead if the copy company attempt failed.