How to configure eBusiness WebServices IIS virtual directory location


How to configure eBusiness Web Services IIS virtual directory location in Sage 100 Company Maintenance

The eBusiness Web Services configuration utility not found will appear when selecting Configure Services in Company Maintenance if IIS Virtual Directory is incorrect or blank.


The IIS directory path must be accessible by using a drive letter in the operating system.

Note:  Neither Network share names nor Web addresses can be used

The path to the Virtual Directory Location should be the path eBusiness WebServices was installed to. The default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\eBusiness Web services

To locate the path if unknown:

  1. Open Internet Information Server (IIS)
  2. Expand the websites and locate the eBusinessWebServices
    Note: eBusinessWebServices is the default name. Any name may have been used during the installation
  3. Right click the site and select Explore. This will open the installation location
  4. Note the path where installed
  5. In Sage 100 open Library Master, Setup, System Configuration and select Preferences tab
  6. Select the Enable Web Services check box. This will allow entering the IIS Virtual Directory Location
  7. Enter the path noted in step #4
  8. Clicking the Configure Services button will open the eBusiness Web Services configuration utility if the path is entered correctly and is accessible at the server.
    Note: “The eBusiness Web Services configuration utility not found” will appear if the path is incorrect or not accessible. This path should be configured from the server where it was installed.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.