How to Clear Bank History in Sage 300 Bank Services


  1. Open Common Services > Bank Services > Bank Periodic Processing > Clear History.
  2. Select types of records to clear:
    • Bank Transactions
    • Bank Entries
    • Printed Bank Entries Posting Journals
    • Printed Reconciliation Posting Journals
    • Printed Transfer Posting Journals
      • Note: You can select any or all types of records.
  3. In the From and To fields for each type of record you are clearing, specify the range of records to clear.  Also, if you are clearing bank transactions, specify a date in the Through field.  Bank transactions are created when you post a bank reconciliation (for example, transactions created to write off bank errors).  Use the calendar button to select a date that will be compared to the transaction dates of the records selected in the From and To fields. The Through date must be later than or the same date as the transaction date of the completed transactions that will be purged.  Records with a transaction date earlier than, or on, this date will qualify for clearing, then the program compares the reconciliation date of those qualified transactions to the Days Before Eligible for Clearing field in the Banks screen. If the Through date is greater than or equal to the number of days in that field, the record is permanently removed.
  4. Click Process, and then click Close.