How to change tax amounts for a document with Sage 300 Accounts Payable


  1. Open Accounts Payable>A/P Transactions>Invoice Entry.
  2. Display the batch and the invoice you want to edit, as usual.
  3. Click the Taxes tab.
    1. If you need to change the tax group for the document, select a different tax group in the Tax Group field.
      • Note: In a multicurrency ledger, if the new tax group does not use the vendor’s currency, Tax Reporting fields appear.
    2. In the Tax Amount and/or the Tax Base field, specify the tax entry method.  Select one of the following tax entry methods:
      • Calculate.  Select this option if you want Accounts Payable to calculate all tax amounts (or tax bases) for you.
        • Do not enter tax amounts on this tab because the program calculates them for you.
        • A Tax Included column appears beside the Vendor Tax Class column.  Use the column to specify whether taxes are included or excluded in the amounts you will distribute in the detail distribution table.
        • Check the vendor tax classes.  If they are not correct, use the Finder to select the correct classes.
      • Distribute. Select this option if you want to enter the total tax for each tax authority manually and allocate tax amounts to distribution lines automatically.
      • Enter.  Select this option if you want to enter all tax amounts (including taxes for distribution lines). Accounts Payable does not calculate any tax for the invoice, unless you click the Calculate Taxes button.
      • Note:
        • If you select Calculate or Distribute as the tax entry method, you cannot directly edit tax amounts for distribution lines, although you can change tax classes.
        • You can use the Calculate Tax button to calculate the tax for the document.
        • You can use the Distribute Taxes button to prorate the total tax amounts for individual document details.
        • If you enter the tax reporting amounts manually, you can use the Derive Rates button to calculate the implicit exchange rate for the tax reporting currency.
    3. If you selected Distribute for the tax entry method, enter the total tax for each tax authority manually, and then click Distribute Taxes to allocate tax amounts to the distribution lines.
    4. If you selected Enter for the tax entry method.
      1. Enter the total tax for each tax authority on the Taxes tab.
      2. Enter the tax amounts for each distribution line that appears on the Documents tab.
        1. On the Documents tab, select the distribtion line, then click the Account/Tax button.  Make the changes in the Detail Accounts/Taxes screen that appears.
        2. Click the Taxes tab to check tax amounts for the document and compare the totals on the screen with the totals on the source document.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.