How to Backup Sage 100 Standard or Sage 100 Advanced


How to backup Sage 100 Standard or Sage 100 Advanced. 


  1. When running backups for the Sage 100 program Full Backups are required
  2. Do not perform Incremental Backups as they will not have all the files to the program should a virus or complete system crash occur. It can also cause a corruption with the program as we are not just working with one file at a time. All processes use multiple files at the same time. 
  3. To backup Sage 100 a program most commonly used is Symantec Backup Executive
    1. Should Symantec Backup Executive become the in house tool to use for backups it will need on exception
    2. Exclude ..\..MAS90\HOME\LIB\KEYS directory. Symantec Backup Executive will deem the Activate.pvx file as corrupted or stop the backup
    3. Save this file manually as it retains the keys access data
  4. Backups should be scheduled before or after hours as exclusive access is required
  5. All users must be out the system
  6. ..\..\MAS90 directory and all of its contents are to be backed up 
  7. Do not just do datasets. Sage does not keep all the data for the customers within the dataset folder as there are also global files that live throughout the structure 
  8. If using Paperless Office make sure to create backups o that directory as well. If the environment gets damaged by Ransomware that will be the first set of files that it goes after
  9. Do no direct the backups to the same server. Backups should be done and stored on second server or on external drives that are not always connected to the Servers
  10. Ransomware does know how to damage backups that live on the same server as Sage 100


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.