How to Backup and Restore Sage Intelligence Data


How to backup and restore Sage 100 Intelligence data


Even if you are not upgrading your Sage Intelligence software it is imperative that you backup your Sage Intelligence MetaData repository and Templates on a regular basis.

Do the following to Backup Sage Intelligence MetaData repository and Templates:

  • Open Report Manager, License Manager or Connector
  • Select File, Backup MetaData & Templates
  • Program will need to close down to back up the metadata, click Yes at the following prompt:
  • You will be prompted to specify a file to backup to. That backup file is a windows cabinet file (CAB) that will contain your Alchemex.svd file and all your report Excel Template files (XLT).

Do the following to Restore Sage Intelligence MetaData repository from a backup:

  • In Windows explorer, open the Windows cabinet (.CAB) file (created during backup)
  • Extract the Alchemex.svd file to its original location in the Report Repository folder and the XLT files to the Templates folder **See example below 


  • Original Report Repository folder= C:\SMI450
  • Extract Alchemex.svd to the C:\SMI450 folder
  • Extract XLT files to the C:\SMI450\Templates folder