How to Assign Items to Locations in Sage 300 Inventory Control


  1. Open Inventory Control > I/C Items and Price Lists > Location Details.
  2. Enter an item number, or select it using the Finder.
  3. Tab to the entry table, and then, for each location to which you want to assign items:
    1. Click the Finder in the Location column heading to select the location.
      • Tip: If necessary, press the Insert key to start a new line.
    2. Enter a picking sequence number (often a bin number).
    3. Double-click the Allowed field to change it to Yes.
    4. The In Use field specifies No until you post transactions for the item at this location.
    5. In the Cost Unit of Measure field, enter or select the unit of measure to use when costing transactions for the item at this location.
    6. Enter costing information for the item in the specified cost unit of measure.
      • Note: The program updates costing information when you run day-end processing after processing a receipt, transfer, or assembly for the item. It updates and displays quantities when you post inventory transactions for this location.
  4. Click Save.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.