How to Assign Information to G/L Transaction Fields on Sage 300 Bank Services


  1. Open Common Services > Bank Services > Bank Setup > G/L Integration.
  2. On the Transactions tab, either double-click the line for the transaction type, or select the line, and then click Open.
  3. On the G/L Integration Detail screen that appears, specify information for the transaction as
    1. In the G/L Transaction Field field, specify the G/L field to which you are assigning
    2. In the Segment Separator field, select a character to separate segments of information.
      (The separator is used only if you assign more than one segment. The default separator
      is a hyphen.)
    3. From the Choose Segments from List, select a segment, and then click Include to
      assign individual segments to the selected G/L field.
      • Note: You can assign a maximum of five segments to a G/L field, providing that the
        combination does not exceed 60 characters. If the assigned information exceeds this number of characters (including separators), it will be truncated when the transaction is posted.
  4. Assign information to the remaining transaction fields for the transaction type, and for other transaction types.
  5. When you have finished assigning information to G/L transaction fields, click Save, and then
    click Close to return to the G/L Integration screen.  The table displays your choices.
  6. Click Save, and then click Close to leave the screen.