How to Apply a Posted Prepayment, Unapplied Cash Transaction, Receipt, or Credit Note in Accounts Receivable for Sage 300

To add a posted document:

  1. Open Accounts Receivable > A/R Transactions > Receipt Entry.
  2. Select an existing receipt batch or create a new receipt batch.
  3. Click the New button beside the Entry Number field.
  4. Enter the customer number, entry description, date, year, and period.
  5. In the Transaction Type field, select Apply Document.
  6. In the Document Number field, type the number of the prepayment, unapplied cash, receipt, or credit note, or use the Finder to select it.
    The amount is automatically inserted and you cannot change it.
  7. Select the Select Mode option, unless you know the document number to which to apply the customer’s payment or credit note.
    Tip: If you select the Select Mode option, you can also select the Auto Apply option to let Accounts Receivable apply the document automatically to the document with the earliest due date in the customer’s account.
  8. If you do not select the Auto Apply option, select the document type (All, Invoice, Credit Note, Debit Note), list order (Document Number, Purchase Order Number, Due Date, Order Number, Document Date, Current Balance), and an optional starting number, balance, or date.
  9. Click the Go button to display the customer’s open documents of the selected type.
    Note: If you selected the Auto Apply option and you are satisfied with the result, skip the next step.
  10. Double-click in the Apply column (changing the entry to Yes) for each document to which you want to apply the prepayment, unapplied cash, or credit note.
    To partially pay a document, type the amount to apply in the Applied Amount column. You cannot apply more than the total amount of the applied document.
    Note: If you selected the Auto Apply option, Accounts Receivable displays Yes automatically for the documents it selected to pay. You can change the selection by double-clicking the Apply column in the row you want to change. You can also change the amount as described in the next step.
  11. Click Save to apply the prepayment, unapplied cash, or credit note.

After you apply the document

You must post the receipt batch that contains the apply document transaction to update the accounts.