How to Advance Credit to a Customer for Returned Goods in Accounts Receivable for Sage 300

To process an advance credit:

  1. Open Accounts Receivable > A/R Transactions > Receipt Entry.
  2. Use the Batch Number field to specify the open batch that contains the receipt, or create a new batch.
  3. Use the Entry Number field to display an existing receipt, or add a new receipt for the customer. 
  4. Click the Zoom button beside the Advance Credit field.
    The A/R Advance Credit screen appears.
  5. For each claim for which you are issuing credit, press Insert to create a detail line, and then complete the fields in the detail lines. For more information, see A/R Advance Credit Screen.
  6. Click Close to return to the A/R Receipt Entry screen, where you apply the receipt (including the advance credit), as usual.
  7. Click Save.

After adding or modifying

  • The advance credit amount appears as a debit on the customer’s statement, where it remains until you receive the returned goods.
  • When you receive the goods, enter the real credit note, offsetting the advance credit in the customer’s account (and on the customer’s statement), and reducing sales.