How to adjust the Retention amount on an A/R Invoice for Sage 100


How to adjust the Retention amount on an A/R Invoice


  1. Open Job Cost, Job Billing, Job Billing Data Entry
  2. Select the Job No.
  3. Enter the existing invoice number to be adjusted
  4. Answer YES to “Invoice Already exists. Adjust?”
  5. On the Header tab, change the Retention Rate to 0%
  6. On the Totals tab, enter the change in the Less Retention field as a negative if reducing the Retention Amount and as a positive if increasing the Retention Amount.
  7. Accept and update the Job Billing Register (do not print an invoice first) and the Job Cost Daily Transaction Register.
  8. A separate transaction for the reduced Retention Amount is created.  The original Retention Amount on the invoice does not display the Adjusted Retention Amount.

Note:  If the Retention Amount on the original invoice given to the customer must be corrected, adjust the entire invoice amount + Retention, correct the Retention % in Job Masterfile Maintenance and re-invoice the customer.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.