How to Add Revaluation Codes in Sage 300 General Ledger


  1. Open General Ledger > G/L Setup > Revaluation Codes.
  2. Click the New button for the Revaluation Code field, and then type the new revaluation code.  You can use up to six characters (letters and numbers) for the code.  You can also just type the code and press the Tab key.
  3. In the Description field, enter a short description of the code, using up to 60 characters.
  4. In the Rate Type field, select a rate type that has been defined for currencies in Common Services.  The rate type determines which exchange rate table will be used for revaluations.
  5. In the Source Code field, specify the source code to assign to all transactions created with this revaluation code.
  6. Enter or select the accounts to which to post exchange gains and losses.
    • Note: The labels for the exchange gain and loss fields will be either Unrealized or
      Recognized, depending on the Gain/Loss Accounting Method option selected in the Company Profile.
    • Important! You cannot specify an account to which posting is prohibited.
  7. Click Add.