How to Add or Modify Recurring Charge Details Using the Detail Accounts/Taxes Screen in Accounts Receivable for Sage 300

To add a new detail using the Detail Accounts/Taxes screen:

  1. Open Accounts Receivable > A/R Customers > Recurring Charges.
  2. On the Detail tab:
    • In the Invoice Type field, specify whether the recurring charge will generate an item or a summary-type invoice.
    • Click the Account/Tax button.
  3. Enter details on the Detail Accounts/Taxes screen, as follows:
    • Click the New button beside the Line Number field.
    • Enter the distribution code, description, amount, and the revenue account for the detail.
    • Enter or edit the tax class and (if the tax authority allows it) the Tax Included status for the detail.
    • When you have finished entering information for the detail, click Add, or click Save to save changes you make after adding the detail.
    • Repeat steps 3a through 3d for each detail you want to include on invoices created for this recurring charge.
  4. Click Close when you have finished entering details

To view or edit information for an existing detail, do one of the following:

  • On the Detail tab, highlight (select) the detail, and then either click Account/Tax or press the F9 key.
  • On the Accounts/Taxes screen, use the navigation buttons for the Line Number field to select the detail that you want.

After adding or updating recurring charge records

Print the Recurring Charges report