How to Add or Edit a Distribution Set on Sage 300 Bank Services


  1.  Open Common Services > Bank Services > Bank Setup > Distribution Sets.
  2. Enter a unique code to identify the distribution set, using up to six alphanumeric characters, or select a code to edit an existing set. 
  3. Enter a description for the distribution set, using up to 60 characters, or edit the description, as needed.
  4. If your system is multicurrency, specify the currency for this distribution set.
  5. Use the table to specify the accounts and amounts for the details of transactions that use this distribution set, using a separate line for each detail:
    1. In the Distribution Code field, enter the distribution code.
      • Notes:
        • When you specify a distribution code, the program automatically inserts the
          description of the distribution code, the G/L account, and the account
        • You do not have to enter a distribution code, if one does not exist for the type of
          detail you are entering.
    2. Enter the G/L account, if you did not specify a distribution code, or change the account, if necessary.
    3. Enter the amount of the detail.
  6. Click Add or Save, and then click Close.