How to Add or Edit a Customer Comment Using the Customer Inquiry Screen in Accounts Receivable for Sage 300

Before You Start

  1. Open Accounts Receivable > A/R Customers > Customer Inquiry.
  2. In the Customer No. field, enter the customer number, and then press Tab.
  3. Click the Comments tab.

To add a new comment:

  1. Click the first blank line on the table.
  2. Double-click in the Comment column, and then type the comment text in the Comment screen that appears.
  3. Click Close to return to the Comments tab.
    • To change the comment text, later, double-click in the Comment column, and then edit the comment in the Comment screen.
    • To change the comment type or the user ID, double-click in the Comment Type or User ID column, and then use the Finder to select a different entry
    • To change the entry in a date field, double-click in the date column, and then type the new date or use the calendar icon to select the date.
    • To delete an existing comment, select the comment line on the table, and then press the Delete key on your keyboard.