How to add optional fields for transactions, transaction details, and miscellaneous charges on Sage 300 Order Entry


  1. Open Order Entry > O/E Setup > Optional Fields.
  2. For each type of document, detail, or charge, add optional fields, as follows:
    1. On the Optional Fields For list, select the type of document, detail, or charge that will
      use the new field.
      • Note: Optional fields for documents (such as orders) will appear on the Optional
        Fields tab on the transaction entry screen. Optional fields for details and
        miscellaneous charges appear as columns in the Detail table on the transaction entry screen.
    2. In the first empty row in the table, double-click the cell in the Optional Field column. If
      there is not an empty row, press the Insert key to add one.  The Optional Field Finder appears.
    3. Click the Finder, and then select a optional field.
    4. If you want the default value to appear automatically in the optional field on transaction
      entry screens, select “Yes” in the Value Set column (or verify that the option is selected).
    5. If you want to set a default value, enter or select it in the Default Value column.
      • If the default value is validated in Common Services, you must use the Finder
        to select a value that was set up for this field in Common Services.
      • If the default value is not validated, you can use the Finder to select a value, or you
        can type the default value in the field.
    6. If you want the optional field to appear by default on transaction entry screens, select “Yes” in the Auto Insert column.
      • Note: If you do not select “Yes,” the field is available for the selected type of document, detail, or charge, but must be added manually on the transaction entry screen by users with the appropriate security authorization.
    7. If the optional field will be included with General Ledger transactions or with transactions sent to other subledgers, select the accounts and click the Settings button.
      1. On the O/E Optional Fields Settings screen, select the General Ledger accounts
        and other subledgers to which Sage 300 sends the information entered in the
        optional field. For more information, see “O/E Optional Fields Settings Screen ” (page 364)
      2. Click OK to close the screen.
  3. When you have finished adding optional fields, click Save to save your changes.
    • When you open a transaction entry screen, optional fields for which you selected the Auto Insert option appear by default.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.