How to Add Multiple Steps to a Work Ticket Template in Production Management using Sage 100?


  • How to add multiple steps to a Work Ticket Template in Production Management?
  • How to create a Work Ticket Template?
  • What is the equivalent of Work Order Routing in Production Management?
  • What is equivalent to Work Order Operation Code maintenance in Production Management?
  • Unable to bring in more than the first step in Work Ticket Copy from Template.


Work Ticket Routing is defined in Work Ticket Template Maintenance using Activity Codes (similar to Operation Codes in Work Order)

  1. PM, Setup, Work Center Maintenance to set up Work Centers
  2. PM, Setup, Activity Code Maintenance to set up Activity Codes
  3. PM, Setup, Work Ticket Template Maintenance to create a new Template
  4. Enter a Template Number. Answer YES to “Is this a new template?”
  5. Select a W/T Class. (If only the first step is populated, select Work Ticket Class Maintenance. Review Options for Auto Step Increment/Bill of Materials Options Step Increment.)
  6.  Select an Activity Code/Work Center combination
  7.  Fill out all information on the remaining tabs as desired for the Step that is being entered.
  8.  Hit Accept.
  9.  The cursor goes to the Step No field where the next step can be entered following the previous instructions.
  10. Follow this process for all steps needed in the Template.
  11.  After the final step is entered, hit Accept, then Cancel and Cancel to move the cursor back to the Work Ticket Template No. field.
  12. Templates can be used to populate the Steps and the Materials tab in Work Ticket Entry by using the Copy From button and selecting the Template.