How to Add Bank Entries on Sage 300 Bank Services


  1. On the Reconciliation tab of the Reconcile Statements screen, click Bank Entry.
  2. Beside the Entry Number field, enter a description for the bank entry.
  3. In the Bank Entry Type field, specify the type of bank entry (Withdrawal or Deposit).
  4. In the Payment Type field, specify the payment type.
  5. In the Bank Entry Date field, specify the session date.’
  6. If you have a multicurrency system, specify the currency code in the Currency field.
  7. If you have set up a distribution set for this type of transaction:
    1. In the Distribution Set field, specify the distribution set.
    2. Click Create Dist. to insert distribution lines as prescribed for the code.
    3. Edit the distribution lines in the table, as necessary.
  8. If you did not enter a distribution set, or if you want to enter additional distribution lines, for each line:
    1. Select the next blank line on the table.
    2. Do one of the following:
      • Double-click the Distribution Code column, and then use the Finder to select a
        distribution code.
      • Double-click the G/L Account column, and then use the Finder to select the
        general ledger account.
    3. Double-click the Amount column, and then enter the amount for the distribution line.
    4. If the bank entry is taxable:
      1. Double-click the Taxable column to change the Taxable status to Yes.
      2. Click the Taxable column heading to display the Taxes screen.
      3. In the Tax Group field, use the Finder to select the tax group or type the tax group
      4. Edit the tax amounts, as necessary.
      5. When you have finished entering taxes for the distribution line, click Close.
      6. If you want to enter another distribution line, press Insert.
      7. If this is a multicurrency entry and you want to view or override exchange rate
        information, click Rate, change the rate type, rate date, or exchange rate, as required,
        and then click Close.
      8. When you have finished adding distribution lines, click Add (or Save).
      9. Click Post.
      10. Click Close to return to the Reconcile Statements screen.