How to Add a Route in Sage 300 Intercompany Transactions


  1. Open Intercompany Transactions > ICT Setup > Routes.
  2. Click the New button beside the Routes field.
  3. Select the originating and destination companies.  A number appears in the Route Number field.
    • Note: If routes exist for the combination of companies you selected, the table displays the companies in the route. To create a new route, you simply click the New button beside the Route Number field; if there are no existing routes for this combination of originating and destination companies, the number in the field is 1. The program will not let you enter a number—you must accept the next chronological number.
  4. In the Route Description field, enter a description for the new route.
  5. If you want to make this route inactive, select the Inactive option.
  6. In the table, enter data for each company, from the originator to the destination.
    1. In the Company field, select the first company in the route (Level 1).
    2. Specify whether to keep the source currency in the G/L transaction.
    3. Specify company loan accounts.
      • Note: For Level 1, you specify only the next company loan account. For the final level (the destination), you specify only the previous company loan account.
    4. Select the functional currency and rate type, if necessary.
  7. Repeat the previous step for each level, ending with the destination. To insert another level, tab beyond the current line or press the Insert key.
    • Note: The Number of Levels field is updated as you add each new level.
  8. Click Add to add a new route, or click Save if you changed an existing route.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.