How to Add a New Weight Unit of Measure to Inventory Control in Sage 300


  1. Open Inventory Control > I/C Setup > Weight Units of Measure.
  2. Press the Insert key to start a new line in the table, and then fill in the fields as follows:  Weight Unit of Measure. Type the weight unit of measure as you want it to appear on data entry screens. For example, “lb” or “kg.”  Description. Enter a description for the weight unit of measure, such as pound or kilogram.  Weight Conversion Factor. Enter the factor for converting this weight unit to the default weight unit of measure. For example, if “pound” is the default weight unit of measure (with a conversion factor of 1), the conversion factor for “ton” would be 2,000.  You can use fractions in weight conversion factors even if you do not use fractional inventory quantities. For example, the factor to convert kilograms to pounds would be 2.2.  Default Weight UOM. You select the default weight unit of measure in the I/C Options screen.  This is the unit in which the total order weight is expressed in Order Entry.  1.0000 In Default Weight. The reciprocal of the conversion factor is automatically calculated by Inventory Control. It provides a visual check on the conversion factor.  See the “I/C Weight Units of Measure Screen” (page 571) for more information.
  3. Click Close.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.