How to Add a New Portal User in Zoho Projects

What is a Portal User?

A portal user is any user who works for you. They can be either employees or contractors, but their job is to complete the tasks assigned to them. 

  1. Portal level users – Users who work across projects.
  2. Project level users – Users who work for particular projects.
Whenever you add a new employee to your company who will be tracking their progress in Zoho Projects, you must add them as a new portal user and grant them access to the appropriate projects and tasks.

How Can I Add a New Portal User in Zoho Projects?

Whether you’re an existing or new Zoho Projects user, one thing that you’ll eventually have to do is add new portal users. Here are the steps to setting up a new portal user:

  1. Log in to Zoho Projects.
  2. Click on the Setup icon in the top-right corner
  3. Select Manage Users > Portal Users
  4. Click on Add User
  5. If you have an existing user that you wish to assign as a portal user in Zoho Projects, you can add them with this screen. If not, please see the next step to add a new portal user.
  6. To add a completely new user, click on the text box below Choose UsersCreate a New UserYou will only be able to create a new user if you still have licenses available. If you do not see the option to create a new user, contact Zoho Support or upgrade your Zoho Projects license to add more users.
  7. Enter in the employee’s detailsadd user
  8. Select Add