How to Add a Bank Entry on Sage 300 Bank Services


  1.  Do one of the following:
    • Open Common Services > Bank Services > Bank Transactions > Bank Entry.
    • On the Reconcile Statements screen, click Bank Entry.
  2. Enter header information for the bank entry.
    1. In the Entry Number field, accept the *** NEW *** entry.
    2. In the next field, enter a description for the entry.
    3. In the Bank Code field, use the Finder to select the code for the bank for which you are
      processing the entry.
      • Note: This field is not available if the detail-entry grid includes a distribution. You must delete the distribution, first.)
    4. In the Bank Entry Type field, select Withdrawals (to record a payment or another type
      of withdrawal from the account) or Deposits.
    5. In the Payment Type field, specify the method of payment.
    6. If you selected Credit Card as the payment type, click the Zoom button beside the
      Payment Type field, and then use the Credit Card screen to enter details for the credit
    7. Select the bank entry date.
    8. If the Currency field is available and you need to change the currency for this entry, use
      the Finder to select the right code. For more information, see “Bank Entry Screen” (page
  3. On the table, enter distribution details for the bank entry:
    • Note: If the Bank Options screen specifies a default distribution code, the table automatically displays the first distribution detail. You can accept or edit the detail, or you can delete it by selecting the line, and then clicking Delete.
    • To create distribution details using a distribution set:
      1. In the Distribution Set field, enter the distribution set code or use the Finder to
        select it.
      2. Click the Create Dist. button to add details to the table.
      3. Edit the details, or add new details directly on the table.
      4. Click Add (or Save).
    • To add details directly on the table, click the table, and then do one of the following:
      • If you selected a blank line, enter the distribution code or select it using the Finder,
        and then enter the remaining information for the detail.
      • To start a new line, press Insert or tab through the end of the last line on the grid.
      • To insert a new line in a particular location, highlight the line above the location, and
        then press Insert.
    • To enter tax information for a selected detail, double-click the Taxable column in the
      distribution line, and then click the Taxable column heading to open the Taxes form.
      (Click Close to return to the Bank Entry screen.)
  4. Click Add (or Save).
  5. If this is a multicurrency entry and you want to view or override exchange rate information, click the Rates button. (Click Close to return to the Bank Entry screen.)
  6. Click Post.