Created on 07-16-2013 | Last modified on 12-03-2020


  • Backup registry keys in the Windows Registry Editor
  • Restore registry keys in the Windows Registry Editor


Operating System Warning

This solution requires advanced knowledge of your computer’s operating system. Contact your system administrator for assistance. Modifying your Windows Registry incorrectly can severely affect system operations. Sage is not responsible for operation issues caused by incorrectly modifying your Windows Registry. Always create a backup of your data before proceeding with advanced solutions. 


Section I: How to backup the entire registry or single registry key. 

  1. Press Windows+R keys
  2. Type Regedit, and then click OK
  3. When the Registry Editor opens, the window has two panes
  4. Right-click the registry key you wish to backup on the left pane, and then select Export.
  5. At the bottom of the Export Registry File window that opens, select the desired Export Range
    • All ( to backup the entire registry….Recommended)
    • Selected Branch (to backup just highlighted key)
  6. Enter a filename for the file, and then click Save button
  7. The exported registry key will be saved as a .reg file

Section II: How to restore a backed up registry key

  1. Locate the backed up registry key, it will have a .reg extension
  2. Double-click the file
  3. At the Are you sure you want to add the information prompt, select Yes
  4. An additional window will appear to confirm the information in the registry backup will appear, click OK