Gulf Utilities for Payroll

A comprehensive, flexible and fully integrated HR solution for users in Gulf Cooperation Countries

Modules shipping in the current version:

The Main Module acts as the application engine and is required for all sub-modules.

The Gratuity Calculator sub-module accrues gratuity benefits with ease and on a timely and accurate manner. Flexible parameters in Gulf Utilities are used to configure gratuity calculation rules and make them conform to Labor Laws in different Gulf Cooperation Countries, in addition to complying with company specific policies. 

The End of Service sub-module calculates and prints a full and final settlement statement, which takes into account unpaid salaries, gratuity liability, advances paid, unpaid leaves, etc.

The Leave Management submodule helps in tracking various types of leaves; paid, unpaid, annual, short, medical, etc. 

The Loan Management sub-modules tracks internal and external loans and handles employee loans, with respective Payroll adjustments.

With the Document Management sub-module, companies capture, maintain and manage information on employee related documents, and store electronic images of documents, which are accessible only to authorized staff.

Complete automation of Gratuity and End of Service calculations

Handling of Leave Applications inside Sage 300, with respective Payroll adjustments

Easy access to and control of Employee documents

Instant retrieval of company’s current liability against gratuity payments