Fast Units of Measure Tool

The TaiRox Fast Units of Measure Tool (“Fast UOM”) is a SQL Server specific tool used to diagnose and, where possible, fix issues that arise in Sage 300 Inventory Control when UOM codes are used with “different case variations” (upper and lower case letters are used inconsistently). For example, “Each” and “EACH” may both be used when the intention was that these codes meant the same thing.  Problems can arise when two codes differ only in case and when these codes are used as keys to various tables.

Sage 300 databases are set up with either “case sensitive” or “case insensitive” collation sequences. Fast UOM performs differently after detecting which of these two setups is used.


How to Read Fast UOM Logs

Duplicates in the IC UNIT Table

A Clean Log

A clean log file will report no warnings or errors and list all tables that it is checking against