Failed to Create Landlord Database Tables for Sage 300


While configuring the portal database in database setup for Web Screens, after entering the SQL login and password and pressing OK, user receives the following message: “Error: Failed to create landlord database tables”


The error occurs when the TCP/IP protocol is not properly set up in SQL Network configuration of the SQL Server. 

In SQL Express, the default TCP/IP connections settings are disabled.


  1. Launch the SQL Server Configuration Manager
  2. Under the SQL Server Network Configuration tree, click Protocols For [SQL instance name].
  3. Enable the TCP/IP protocol. (The default setting is Disabled)
  4. Right-click the TCP/IP protocol, and then click Properties
  5. On the IP Addresses tab, in the IP All Section: Clear the TCP Dynamic Port field
  6. Set the TCP Port to 1433
  7. Restart the SQL Server Service.