Error: "You cannot create a new year until all other users leave Sage 300 G/L" occurs when creating new year


You cannot create a new year until all other users have left Sage 300 G/L and all other Sage 300 G/L windows are closed.


There might be other users logged in or there might be 3rd party products not letting Create New Year go through.


1) Check LanPak current users. (there might be a remote program such as POS login as a user).

2) Get users log of and close all open sessions from Computer Management/ Shared Folders/Open Files.

3) Reboot the server (both database server and application server).

4) If the issue still persists rename restart.ism and delete lanpak.bin in the Site Folder.

5) In our case Orchid Information Manager had something open. Suggested the client to close it in the system tray and the Create New Year worked.

6) Also check the system tray, one such program that also caused this error was Infoset Document (Hotkey) Manager, after closing it from system tray the Create New Year process worked.