Error: "Unable to print .rpt. Your file waiting to be printed was deleted."


Error: “Unable to print <report name>.rpt. Your file waiting to be printed was deleted.” in Sage 100 when the “Documents” (or “My Documents”) folder has been redirected. This can also happen when printing to Paperless office if the Windows user does not have correct permissions on the folder where the PDFs are stored.


Operating System Warning

This solution requires advanced knowledge of your computer’s operating system. Contact your system administrator for assistance. Modifying your Windows Registry incorrectly can severely affect system operations. Sage is not responsible for operation issues caused by incorrectly modifying your Windows Registry. Always create a backup of your data before proceeding with advanced solutions.


The local folder “C:\Users\\Documents” (or “C:\Users\\My Documents”) has been redirected to another location, such as on a different server.

Or if occurs only when printing to Paperless, permissions may not be correct on the PDF folder where PDF would be created.


Possible Resolution:

Sage 100 creates, accesses, and deletes files in the local folder: “C:\Users\<Windows user>\Documents” (or “C:\Users\<Windows user>\My Documents”). Stop redirection of that folder to another location. See if that resolves the issue.If error only occurs in Paperless Office and not when printing to Paper:

  • Check Paperless Office settings to see where PDF file is being created (Paperless Office, Setup, Journal and Register Maintenance OR Form Maintenance, etc. depending on type of document being printed) – check the PDF Storage section under PDF Directory to see location)
  • You can also check the Windows Registry under the Sage 100 PDF converter entry to see the file and path being created (HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG\Software\Sage 100 PDF Converter\GeneratedFile value).
  • Check permissions on that PDF location for the user and have appropriate person correct permissions as needed