Error: "The PDF document was not created successfully"


Error: “The PDF document was not created successfully” when trying to save a PDF document using Paperless Office for Sage 100


  • Verify that the “Use Lockfile” checkbox is selected in Paperless Office Advanced Options for each company code
    1. From the Sage 100 Desktop, open File,
    2. Select Run
    3. For Program, enter PL_AdvancedOptions_UI
    4. Click OKto open the Paperless Office Advanced Options task window
    5. Make sure the “Use LockFile” checkbox is selected (checked)
    6. Click Accept
  • Check the PDF Directory path and permissions
    1. Open Paperless Office, Setupmenu,
    2. Select Journal and Register MaintenanceReport Maintenance, or Form Maintenance, etc. (depending on whether it is a journal/register, report, or form)
    3. Click the Entries(flashlight icon) button to see the list of existing entries already made (e.g. Journal and Register Entries, Report Entries, or Form Entries button)
    4. Select the most appropriate existing entry that covers the journal, register, report, or form where the error occurs, by company, module, and/or document
    5. Copy the PDF Directorypath
    6. Open the path in File Explorer or Windows Explorer
    7. Verify that any existing PDF documents can be opened and displayed
      • Note: The path should be a UNC path. One of the most common reasons fo the error message is due to time-out when the storage location is on a separate server from the Sage 100 server. So try to make sure the UNC path is to a storage location on the same server as the Sage 100 host.
    8. If there are any 0 KBsized PDF documents, delete them from the list.
    9. Test to see if the user is able to create a new file (such as a new text document) in the directory and delete that new file.
      • Note: If the user is not able to do so (“Access is denied”, etc.) there is a Windows security/permissions issue that needs to be resolved by the network administrator.