Error: “Sage 100 has stopped working” or “MAS has stopped working”


Error: “Sage 100 has stopped working” or “Sage 100 ERP has stopped working” or (in retired versions) “MAS has stopped working” occurs in various tasks in Sage 100, including data entry or when printing checks


Invalid Printers
Unsupported Operating Systems
Other Programs conflicting with Sage 100 ERP


Possible Resolutions:

  • Verify all printers are valid on server and workstation. Confirm printer status shows Ready
  • Review the Support Platform Matrix for supported workstations
  • Shut down other programs running in background
  • Adjust Data Execution Prevention (DEP) Settings for Sage 100 2013 and higher
    1. Open Command prompt as Administrator
      • Verify title displays Administrator: Command Prompt
    2. Enter the following command:
      • bcdedit.exe /set nx AlwaysOff
      • You should get the following response:
        • “The operation completed successfully.”
    3. Reboot Machine for settings to take effect
  • Have all users exit Sage 100. Then rename the following two files on the Application Server, in “..\MAS90\MAS_SYSTEM”
    • SY_Console.m4t
    • SY_Workstation.m4t


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.